How to order

1. Click “Online Shop” to go to Minamoto online store and view the products.

2. If you already have an account, please login by clicking Login button, or if you have no account, please sign up one by clicking Register in order for you to make order.

3. Please enter your username and password and click “Log in” button to proceed, or enter your email address and click ‘Register’ to sign up account with Minamoto.
4. After you have successfully logged-in or registered, you may find the product listing via two ways.
i. Go to Shop -> Select All Products

ii. Under Featured Products -> Select View All Products

5. You can view products from different product categories.

6. Click on any product you wish to purchase

7. You can enter the quantity of the product and click “Add to cart” to proceed. After “Add to cart” you can continue to shop until all required products are added into cart.

8. After all the products are added to the cart, you can hover the cart icon and click “View cart” to view the cart list

9. You can modify the item quantity by entering the number in the quantity box and click “Update cart” to update the shopping cart. To remove an item, kindly click on the “x” icon beside the thumbnail image.
10. If you have any coupon code, you can apply it to get discount in your purchase by entering the code.
11. Once you have confirmed with all the products, click “Proceed to checkout”.

12. Fill in the billing details.
13. If you wish to ship the order to different address, select “Ship to a different address” option and fill in the shipping details.
14. The default selected payment method is Ipay88.
15. Please make sure you have read our Terms & condition. Once you are done reading the terms, please check the “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions” box.
16. Click “Place order” to complete your order.

17. Once the order is completed, an order invoice with order details will be generated and sent to your email.